Welcome to Waters Edge Spa

We are located in the beautiful town of Sister Bay WI.

Swedish Massage

Invite calm and quiet with a relaxation massage ideal for reducing stress, relieving muscle tension and improving circulation.

$55 – 30 mintues
$85 – 60 minutes
$115 – 90 minutes
$165 – 120 minutes

Waters Edge Hot Stone

Melt away tight muscles with heated smooth basalt stones, massaged across the body to promote deep relaxation and restoration.

$105 – 80 minutes


An ancient technique focused on applying pressure to specific points on the feet which correlate with organs throughout the body. Improves circulation, boosts energy levels & restores natural balance.

$55 – 30 mintues
$85 – 60 minutes


Drift away with this luxurious 30 minute massage using hot towels to soothe sore muscles and cold towels to invigorate and energize the body and mind.

$55 – 30 mintues

Mama to Be

Pamper mama with a gentle & soothing massage created to reduce fatigue, quiet the mind and relax areas prone to tension during pregnancy. “Please indicate how far along you are in your pregnancy at the time of booking.”

$85 – 60 minutes

Raindrop Massage

A unique technique designed to bring balance to the body physically and mentally. A sequence of nine essential oils are gently dropped on the back, gently brushed up the spine and lightly massaged over the back. A warm moist compress is applied while massaging legs to assist in relaxing tight muscles that cause discomfort in the lower back. Includes a head and neck massage with Lavender aromatherapy.

$100 – 60 mintues

Sole Survivor

Reflexology using pressure points on the soles of the feet, accompanied by hot moistened towels. A heavenly foot massage using a blend of Lavender and Peppermint oils. Including a Lavender bath salt scrub, removed with hot moistened towels. Leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

$95 – 60 minutes

Deep Tissue

Direct, deep pressure used to dissolve muscle tension. Restores the body and eases discomfort in problem areas.


Dry Brushing

Improves circulation, exfoliating and stimulates lymph with upward brush strokes.

Mini Hot Stone

Add a few deliciously warm stones to your massage upper back, neck or where ever you need a little extra attention.

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